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More Helmets... and stuff

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Prinz Eugn


I'm not sure why, but I feel the need to put up an entry, but I don't have much to talk about.

I finished two more helmets for the dialog system, one for your wingman, Lt. Carl, and one for just about any other US pilot you have to talk to.

Here is Carl's:

Here is the generic one:

I've also begun work on the faces for people who aren't wearing full headgear.
I've practiced doing profiles before, and I've used proportions before, but this is the first time I've tried to make a usable(ie. 'good') face.

I started by tracing(o noes!) a face out of this book my mom has (if you want to be an artist, I highly reccomending having a mom that is also an artist so you have handy materials). It's actually "How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way," but it's a great reference for basic figure drawing. I also utilized the internets here to get this first try:

All the lines are proportion helper-dudes, but it looks like I made his head to small for his face :/

Here is the one for Lieutenant Commander Intelligence Officer(name to be determined perhaps), basically the guy who gives you briefings and advice all the time:

Hmm... looks like I should've cleaned them up a little more...

Ok, here is the final one for tonight, for the Good Allied General, as opposed the Ka-razy Allied General. I think he'll be named General Falken(after WW1's General Falkenhayn). Here he is, I was trying to make him look older:

The plan is for me to photoshop these guys and have them work the same as the Helmets. The plan will be harder than it sounds.

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Once again your artistic skills _____ (verb; indicating amazement and/or shock) me. Keep pumping out those _____ (noun; piece of artwork)!

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Your helmet designs are very cool. Judging by the style, you might like the designs Bungie has been using in the Halo games -- especially the various helmets Master Chief has used.

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Sure mom has all the talent but that Drawing the Marvel way is my book so I should get some credit.

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Original post by ptrollins
Sure mom has all the talent but that Drawing the Marvel way is my book so I should get some credit.

Shouldn't you be out somewhere pressing buttons at someone, dear brother?

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