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Membrane Massare v2.0 Final Release

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After many months, many hours, many tears, and many supporters, it is my pleasure to present:

Membrane Massacre v2.0 (~15mb)

Five Long Months

I still find it hard to believe that it's been five months since I undertook the project that began as a two-week mini contest between me and splattergnome. I'm both amazed and disappointed that I've been on this game for so long. The months, melding in together with the endless barrage of school assignments, just rolled by. [smile]

The Last 5% the longest and hardest. Getting an Installer program working properly took a quite a few hours longer than what I had anticipated. It being my first experience with an installer program (Nullsoft's), I expected it to be a simple "choose files and bam!" spiel. Turns out I actually had to write a script to all of the installation/uninstallation/license/startmenu-items work. It wasn't that bad overall, and I'll definitely use their stuff in the future. This also seems to mark the first game I've actually *needed* an installer for.

Next came the ReadMe. Looking over the dusty ReadMe I had for the first release of MM (back in November), I immediately knew it needed a make-over. I kept the basic stuff like weapon descriptions and 'contact info', but the rest was overhauled. I've always had a tough time trying to find things to say about my games inside the ReadMe, so it was definitely a struggle. I'm pretty happy with the end result though, so at the very least give it a look-through.

Finally, the last couple of days saw the implementation of ship-specific weapons -- or quirks, perhaps. Just little extras that each unlockable ship receives to add some more incentive to get far in Survival mode. [smile]

(Why freeze what you can FRY!?)

(Scatter missiles ahoy!)

(The fearsome wrath of the Indigo Avenger's Indigo Laser is as vengeful as it looks! [smile])

Feedback & Marketing Plans

Feedback is one of the main reasons why I do all of this. Hearing back from a player that they had a great time playing makes the whole process worth it. Even to make for a great gaming experience for just a few players would make the five months of sweat/tears/blood worth it.

Knowing that, how great would it be to multiply this by several magnitudes? My marketing and business experience are minimal, so the basic plan is to make a fairly attractive write-up for an forum-based advertisement, and start spreading it around the 'net. I hope to get an Image-of-the-Day on GD.NET, and on some reputable indie game development websites, now that MM is far more polished than before. I'm eager to see how many hands I get this game into!


Everyone who has been watching my progress of Membrane Massacre since November, or even just casual readers: thank you. Especially the kind people who have taken the time to write constructive and positive words about me and my projects. It's definitely what helps keep me going, and I likely would not have finished had I not of had you folks. And an additional thanks to Ravuya who is hosting MM right now until I get it up on the Showcase.

With all of that, enough said. Go and bash some bacteria, and let me know how it all turns out. [smile]
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Recommended Comments

Wow, kickass game you've got there!

I played for about 30 minutes, and I must say, well done! It felt extremely polished and was very fun to play. I made it all the way up to wave 39 in survival, and that was one of the funnest game experiences I've had recently.

The Good
1. Easy to learn controls
2. Unlockable things rock my socks
3. The first time the Mech Cells attack and your bullets just bounce off was awesome
4. Survival mode get really fun in later stages
5. Cool ships to fly
6. Kickass music and sound effects
7. Etc, Etc[wink]

The Not-As-Good
1. I'd like to be able to jump to the later survival levels, wave 30 and onwards were freakin crazy!
2. Too Short!!!!
3. Kinda easy

Well, thats all the feedback I have for now, once again, kickass game, and thanks alot for giving me another excuse to procrastinate working on A22!!

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Great! Congratulations on getting this finished after all the hard work, a good job, she's looking nice 'n polished now. [grin] I havn't tried out any of your previous versions, but I have been following along with your progress. I'll come give some proper feedback once I've had time to play it some more, but I just wanted to congratulate you on getting it done and say that it seems very nicely done from my short experimental play. [smile]

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I've just finished playing around with Membrane Massacre for a short while, so I can give some immediate feedback. It's looking pretty darn impressive! However my feedback is pretty much the same as Sir Sapo's (except I can't get beyond Wave 15 in survival; I'm terrible against the Mech Cells).

The main good point is that the game is looking really well polished. It's a pretty slick package as it stands; the effects are great for an indie game, and with the music and improved graphics it's overall very nice.

The main weakness is that the gameplay gets a bit repetitive. You're pretty much doing the same thing for the entire game. For a freeware game I don't think that's so bad but if you were wanting to do something similar for a shareware game I doubt it would work; the demo would have to contain the majority of the gameplay.

But overall it's a stellar game and I'm very impressed. If you can reuse parts for your next game I'm sure it'll be equally top notch.

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Wow, I am astonished. I think I've never seen such polish in any game not even the commercial ones, except for Oblivion, and that says alot!

The good!
-Fast paced
-Nice sound effects
-Pick-up gameplay, no waiting time or anything
-Nice unlock system and graphics.
-Cool weapons
-Very polished

Some areas of improvement
-The Machine gun seems to be a little overpowered, NERF it [smile]

Not really much else in the improvement sector, overall a very impressive, nice, astonishing, unbelievably good and FUN game! Congratulations! [smile]

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I pretty much agree with what everyone else has said, however my one issue with it is the control system; I think a game like this would play much better if you could control it via a joypad, I find the mouse+arrow keys combo annoying to play with.

OK, so I'd just like more games I could use my XB360 joypad with [wink][grin]

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Awesome . My only complaint is when I spawn beside or even inside a bunch of cells and lose health.

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Wow, I gotta say, you're awesome. I've been following this game for about ~2 months now, and I've been seriously impressed. You've accomplished in 5 months what most people on this forum do in a year or more.

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Very nice. I pretty much agree with what's been said above, excellent work. [smile]

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Great work!!! I played for an hour before going to bed last night and then dreamed about bacteria and infections all night long. Totally awesome! My only complaint was that I found it awkward to rotate the ship, but that was mostly because I'm using a touchpad and not a real mouse. Having the option to use a couple of keys to rotate the ship CW or CCW would be pretty cool.

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I forgot to say this, but when you have installed the game, you should be asked if you'd like to start the game right away.

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