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More illegal business stuff...

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Still making progress on the illegal businesses, finalized the shaders I'm gonna use to render the basements. I'm satisfied with the rendering aspects...now it's down to cranking out the artwork, and integrating into the game.

Anyways, this screenshot is where I wanna be....lol

Yea so as you can probably guess, that is a screenshot of the drug lab...in that screenshot [left to right in the foreground] cocaine, marijuana, and opium. If smell-o-vision was available in this day and age that screenshot would win. [grin]

Screenshots of the empty basement -

Headquarters -

HQ and some other businesses have functional security cameras so you can see what's going on outside your HQ...also the gang's un-used weapons will show up on one of the tables, also there's a functional city map on the other table.

More drug lab...the plants are dynamic and can grow/scale, etc...I might have to get rid of the Pink Floyd / Bob Marley posters since I'm sure they would never want to be associated with anything drug related [grin].

Screenshot in-editor of the drug lab...

So I'm planning on having 9 illegal businesses in the game Gambling, Prostitution, Warehouse, Numbers Racket, Headquarters, Safehouse, Brewery, Counterfeit Press, Loan Shark. Creating the artwork is going to be the limiting factor since almost all the code will be common to the businesses. Some of those might have to go before the game is done.

I think the prostitution will be the hardest since I don't have any hooker models [grin]. I'm not worried about that though, gangstas gotta keep their mind on the money and not on the stupid shit like paying for sex. Now that I think about it, maybe I'll create a digital model of Hillary Clinton and put her in the whore houses..."best idea evar".

But yea, I'm going to create the police station's basement tommorow, as well as the gambling business. Things should roll along now that I've finalized the rendering aspects of the basement, and I've got the lightmap process down.

I was using 3 1k^2 textures for the lightmapping data...all these new screens use a single 1k^2 lightmap.

That's basically it...more later.

- Danny
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Aw, looking awesome, but how come all games here on gamedev sounds, looks and ARE better than the commercial games already out there? [grin]

I miss a beatbox though, I bet the gangstah's would like some music to listen to when they're planning their next move.

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Actually, that kind of makes me think ...

Are you going to have the music (internet radio) still playing when you're in a basement? How about when you're controlling a gangster? Do you have a system in place that will allow the player to hear NPCs talk when they're inhabiting the gangster, like the police shouting at them, over the music?

Or is it pretty much going to be, if they've got the sound up too loud, too bad?

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I like it, but I'm not asking why you seem to know the plants quite well. ;-) Great job as usual, I like the result of the shaders. What exactly are you running there?

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After seeing that first screenie, I now realize I'd never get anywhere in this game. =(

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Ah, good point about the boombox! I'll add that, and some graffiti all over the basement that should make it look better.

I transition ambient background sounds when you enter the basement...though the radio will still play. All voiceovers are transcribed with speech bubbles so you can read what they said.

Gaheris - Google image?? *insert halo over head and cue sarcastic smile* [grin] In these scenes I'm doing normal mapping, specular (w/very high exponent), and N dot L per-pixel. The shadowing is done in a second pass using static light maps. Dynamic shadows will be rendered in the lightmapping pass.

Thanks for the comments guys!

- Dan

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I think that huge plasma in the floral department is definitely sending out the wrong message to kids [grin]

While I do actually like the realism, what will this mean for your game's age rating? With even prostitution as a playable business venture you might be looking at an AO rating. And with the hypocritical game violence Angst that recently resurfaced over here in Europe (thank you, traditional media), it wouldn't be farfetched to picture some countries banning a game that has players growing drugs.

Ah well, free global publicity, no? [smile]

Also, no grafitti... they should be too busy tending the plants anyway and paint spray wouldn't improve the quality of the product... Or so I would imagine ;)

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lol - floral department. [grin]

What better message to send to kids?? "Drink beers, take bong rips, and grow copious amounts of ganja, and YOU TOO could have a big ass TV ;-)"

I'm not worried about the ratings in other countries, people could still purchase the game via digital download? I think they could only ban it from retail stores.

Anyways, I've been meaning to loose some illegal businesses, I don't think prostitution will be in there, AO rating is outa the question.

On the note of interactable businesses, I'm seeing heated online poker games with other gangsters in the illegal casinos :-D The more conservative thugs could play the quarter slot machines lol.

- Dan

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