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On operational failure

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Moving from being a hobby project to a 'real' business is always fraught with issues. Primarily, corners you cut at the start when it didnt matter eventually catch up with you and bite you on the ass.

What shouldn't go, however, is your sense of reason and your sense of responsibility - quite the opposite, they should remain sharper than ever. It's unfortunate to see that when some people get drafted into take the helm they seem to lose these senses - especially when they have no real clue as to their place in the engine as a whole. Power corrupts, all of a sudden your way is best and nobody 'below' you deserves a voice.

Lack of action in the face of a crisis will cost you dearly. Remember George Bush's lack of response when the planes hit on 9/11? Hasty action can be worse, but a distinct lack of action when people are being put in danger is irresponsible in the extreme. Failure to listen to criticism for your lack of action, including suggestions of people who want to help is unreasonable. What is worse is the arrogant attitude of "it's my way or the highway".

In short, arrogance, inability to take criticism and lack of action in a crisis costs faith. It loses the goodwill of people who want to help you and see you do well.
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