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Breathing life into Bola

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Well, this thing is moving pretty quick now. I've added some functionality I never got around to in the past. For example, I can "mirror" an animation. So when I import my "runningleft" animation (see past entries), I can now make a mirrored "runningright" animation that shares and flips the images. Even more fun is that the Mirror Animation dialog does a check for the words "right" or "left" in the name of the animation being mirrored, and if it finds one it replaces it with the other and sets the text in the edit box to the new name. So if I want to just mirror "runningleft" into "runningright", I can just hit Ctrl+M and then Enter to accept the default name. And since the images are shared, if I want to edit the "runningleft" animation via the drawing functions, the "runningright" animation stays updated too.

I simply rule.

I'm going to clean up a few more things, then add to my game the ability to load .bola animation files from Allegro datafiles. I'm still a bit unclear as to how I should deal with the file format though. Right now it uses Allegro packfile routines, which is great because it's dirt simple and I get good compression, but that means opening the files requires Allegro. I could just save them straight into binary format without compression, but then they'll be huge files. Mind you, putting them into datafiles will allow me to compress them again. [grin] I could also add compression using zLib (or so I imagine), but the last thing I need right now is another API to learn. So I think I'll go with that second option for now.

This is turning into a little GraphicsGale clone here. [cool] Which I guess I kind of need, since GG seems to be discontinued. Last I checked, anyway. [sad]
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