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Final hitcount

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Well, here's the final tally from my almost-digg-ing yesterday.

FWIW, I'm using Mochibot to collect stats on my games (as well as track if anyone's trying to host my SWF files offsite) and MochiAds to serve the ads. And their hitcounts were pretty far off. Looks like Mochibot's having trouble keeping up, because it only logged about 250 hits. MochiAds, though, says that it served just shy of 3500 ads yesterday for BaffleBees, which isn't mind-blowingly huge but is about 200 times what I normally serve.

So 3500 plays is the best estimate. Everything else got between 100 and 400 plays, which is still pretty high.

The good news is that everything survived the increased traffic just fine. The highscore table looks just fine. Daily update emails got sent out just fine. Everything worked just fine, thank Zwinky.

It looks like I picked up quite a few new folks in the process. Hopefully they'll become regulars.

And yeah, I got charts and graphs and such. Between Mochibot, Mochiads, Google Analytics, and the half-dozen traffic analyzers that are installed by my hosting provider, I can get up-to-the-second stats on what's going on.

But I ain't gonna post 'em because I'm lazy. Just picture a big spike yesterday that dwarfed all the other lines, and you'll get it.
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Horrible things occur if you happen to be playing one of your games when your server ticks over to the next day; lots of sql errors when it tries to submit the score, leading to the screen that pops up following the game being pretty broken.

Also, could you perhaps add some sort of feedback to the gameover condition in Double 12 if there are no moves left? As is it pauses for a moment and then pops up the "games you have played today" screen, which for a moment made me think it had frozen on me and I'd accidentally triggered some sort of exit or give-up.

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