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Living the Fantasy

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A brief digression, but with a point :

This year is the first in which I tried playing NBA Fantasy Basketball. For those not familiar with it, the idea is that you draft real NBA players, from any team, to make up your squad. Then each day choose active players vs those on the bench. Then you get points, assists, rebounds, etc. for any players you have that are not on the bench that day.

So, part of my morning ritual after checking my e-mail is to log on and check my bench, my standing relative to the other players in my league, and then add or drop players from free agency, etc.

Turns out, I'm either very lucky, or pretty good at this, as I am #9 in all of ESPN.com, and leading my league by a lot. The main reason I am winning is the fact that I have more player-games than anyone else in the league. In other words, there were more games for me where a) I logged in and cleared my bench of players with games the next day and b) I dropped injured players to pick up someone else quickly.

The lesson I get from this is, as Woody Allen said "80 % of success is showing up.".

It's ironic, because that was the part I had the hardest time with in college....

I'm working on the player ship interface this week, and plan to finish it in the next few days. The ship is where you manage your clones, weapons, and crystals. To that end, I improved the weapon browsing interface to give you more stats on weapons before having to pick them up.

Recently I added a tractor beam gun that shoots out a spike, which then creates a beam that pulls your character towards it. Similar to the grappling hook in quake ctf, I suppose.
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