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So I came into work this morning to discover that I am being made redundant. Wasn't exactly unexpected but has all happened a lot faster than I thought. I basically have three weeks of work left, with payment for the whole of next month plus some bonus owing, then I'm out of here.

Feeling pretty cut up at the moment, but I generally bounce back okay. There are a few other businesses in the centre that I work in that have approached me and I have my interview tomorrow, although I'm feeling a bit less enthused by tomorrow's job since it would involve a lot of travelling.

I've pretty much worked myself out of a job here. The product has become so successful that my director has been offered a lucrative sales directorship working direct for the manufacturer. Can't go into details but it is a good step forward for him.

Still, been a good experience, this job. It's put a lot of cool stuff on my CV and opened up a lot of doors for me. I'm sure in six months I'll be looking back on this and saying it was the best thing that could have happened.

Not really looking at it like that now though.
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Aw, that sucks.

However, I am very confident you'll be able to find a new job quickly. You have a lot of talent and you're passionate about your work, which should come off easily on anyone who is interviewing you.

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Thanks Rav. That's a really nice thing to say.

Just a shame I never got my arse into gear to get a programming qualification really. I guess I'll stay in sales since that's the only way to earn decent money round my way.

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By "programming qualification," do you mean one of those certification soak-jobs like the Microsoft VB/C# qualifications, or a proper computer science degree?

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All the programming jobs I've ever seen round here seem to want a minimum of a full degree really. I also have a massive load of gaps in my programming knowledge being a hobbyist game developer - databases, networking, web programming and so on are all a mystery to me.

To be honest, I quite like sales. It is just not as lucrative as programming.

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EC you could always get those certificates from Game institute and try to work at a european game publisher like THQ :)

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