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Playing with GDNet

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Three major thread started by staff members - three major thread that shows you how GDNet can evolve into a better web site and community.

Proposed ratings mechanism modifications by Oluseyi
GDNet Trump Cards: adding gameplay to the GDNet forums and Hold The Front Page: Revamping GDNet's News by stimarco.

Review, discuss, propose your ideas - these threads are not announces, they are suggestions. It is up to you to propose even greater ideas [smile].

Other subject: L.A. is really cool. And cars are still big. A coworker of mine just arrived yesterday evening, and we finally rented a car this morning (a Taurus SEL. I wanted a Ford Mustang, but for unknown reason the company I work for decided that it would not be cheap enough...).

I still have some day to spend there (my plane is on next saturday evening). Let me know if you knos something that I can visit... (no, I won't visit a mall).
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