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Prinz Eugn


I did some stuff, and I have some pictures of mild interest off of my phone.

New Mexico Picturesqueness; Botanical Edition

So I live on a hill overlooking my hometown, which is pretty sweet. This also means that I live in the middle of a desert, and that my front yard is basically how it was when the house was built, i.e. full of plants that do everything in their power to hurt you if you touch them.

Well, I lied a little, because this kind isn't really native, but it is very pretty. It's called Ice Plant, but the species in the Wikipedia entry is not this, which is a little different.

Up close:

A different, more delicate type, with very dense purple flowers:

Here is something a little different: A Century Plant. This guy is about 6 feet tall(1.82m), or about as tall as I am, only it's about 8ft wide and spikey. It'll probably bloom next year, producing a stalk about 20ft(6m) high, at which point it will die. It already has little buddies around it's base, so no worry.

Falken's Face

I photoshopped General Falken:

Besides having errors that I can't spot right now(been working on it too much, I need time to come back fresh), he looks rather sad. Maybe it has something to do with not having pupils. Poor guy.


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I don't know if he's supposed to die in the game, but if the player isn't emotionally attached to Falken, you should try to make him more General like i.e make is eyebrows more curved(downwards) so that he looks like he's got authority over the player/the ones he's talking to.

But if he's going to converse with Zhukov/the Bad guy you should try to keep the contrast between them so that the player symphatizes with Falken, too much General like face and that may not be possible.

But heck, you're and artist so you know this already! [smile]

Good work as always!

EDIT: On my monitor his skin looks a little too perfect, maybe make scratches or some marks from grenade splints for example.

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