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Moe Updates

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Wednesdays are usually my day off from social activity, leaving me free to enjoy hobby coding. The order for the night was making that TableLayout for my UI (which in turn will be used in Moe). It's designed to do the functionality of TableLayoutPanel in WinForms. It alas took me a little longer than I expected because it uncovered a subtle bug in the new TiedRect which was difficult to narrow down.

Anyways, here you are; the first screenshot from the first bit of work on Vista (even though I'm still using mdx):

The colored boxes are 3x3 table layouts. The second has its rows set to a fixed percentage and columns to a fixed pixel distance. It's pretty trivial to allow multiple cell objects (as you can see). The green box is a test of the new TiedRect which will always keep it tied from the top of the kanji widget to the top of the shadow text widget.

Vista btw ships with a buttload more (~150 more) fonts than win2k. I didn't quite notice until the demo displayed them all for me. 'tis all the little things that make it nice. It's also been rock solid for me once I got all the drivers installed and the first week of updates (so 6 weeks or so according to uptime).

Not much, but it's progress. Next should be the modularity additions to the resource managers to allow skinning sort of behavior.
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