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Ooops. My title was too long.

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Emmanuel Deloget


The good thing about working for a car equipment maker that sells electronic products is that they want to show their talent every year at the CES. Since they do high-end car audio and navigation systems, the best way to present them is to put them in situation - I mean, in a car.

But if you show something at the CES, you'd better try to make something that everyone will remember. So there's not way you'll present your equipment in a normal car.

That why, at Alpine, they decided to tune cars a bit. The result if quite impressive - this is not the average rice boy tuning here.

For exemple, let's begin with a close-up:

clicky's biggar

We see the Alpine logo quite well, and it seems that this "thing" has huge wheels. That's quite true - although it's difficult to know the exact wheel size. Something around 24 or 26 inches.

clicky's biggar too

But changing the wheels doesn't make your car a nice one - you have to change something else also. Why not removing everything which was in the inside to make your own? After all, who needs to get more than one passenger in a car? Also, don't forget the sound system (remember, you're selling them).

clicky's biggar again

yar yar yar, clicky's biggar

Now, you may have forgot what was the car at the beginning - so it's still interesting to not remove some distinctive signs. After all, you have to tell your friends that you are richer than them, and that you can do whatever you want with your BMW SUV...

clicky's biggar. still smallar's than da car
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The result if quite hilarious - this is above and beyond the average rice boy tuning here.

Fixed [wink]

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That's pretty much true - but hey, it's a show car (and I've photos of many of their cars - I think I'm going to post some of them tomorrow. You'll see what "OMGLOLOLOLROFL" means...).

Hum. Wait.

I'm working for them right now, so THESE CARS ARE BEAUTIFUL. A bit crazy maybe...

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Uhhh... how do they steer?

Did they just slice this thing up and then lift it onto the back of a trailer to move it places?

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