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One thing that has been bothering me about the game is its length. To put it simply, I feel it's too short even for a platformer. It only takes me about 10 minutes to beat the whole game(although I realize it is easier for me because I know where everything is). So I feel the need to make more levels without programming more tiles and entities.

Well, the answer is simple: make every level two parts. So have a Blocky World Part 1 and 2, and so on. So basically the levels will be in two parts like in Sonic games. This will allow me to create more levels without having to program more tile and enemy code. I figure that I spent all this time programming the level components, I might as well use them some more.

It shouldn't take too long to make the levels, considering all I need to do is load up the level editor and design them. Since I have Spring Break next week, it seems the ideal time to get this sort of thing done. I won't be releasing a demo after making them, so you all will have to wait for the final release to play them.

Although I reluctantly go back into the world of level design, I feel it will be worth it in the end.
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I fully sympathise. This is exactly the point at which I lost interest in my last project.

Everyone then suggested I release the level editor to the community and see what other people would generate. Have you considered that at all? I don't know how user-friendly your level editor is.

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That's one of the things I still have to do, make the level editor more user-friendly for custom maps. The level editor is built into the game, and right now the map file it works on is hard-coded, and I have to recompile everytime I have to work on another level. Of course, in the final version, people will be able to create and save their own maps, play them, and send them to others if they want.

I don't mind going back to level design, because I know once I make these levels the game will be alot better for it. I admit that it is a little hard to go back, though[grin]

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