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Kudos to Superpig

Things have been a little explosion-prone around GD.NET lately (namely the GD.NET+ webspace and showcase systems), which now seem to be in working order, much to the work of Superpig (aka Richard Fine). Just a short thanks for getting everything in working order!

Membrane Marketer

Now that the showcase and my webspace on GD.NET are functioning properly, I can now begin posting Membrane Massacre on many game/gamedev forums around the 'net, and start getting some more solid feedback about the game.

After that, the plan is to submit the game to as many freeware websites as possible. This part is second, since the forum-goers as mentioned above will likely catch most of the bugs or balance issues still lurking in the game before the more formal appearances on actual freeware websites. I'm really excited to see how high I can push the download count. [smile]

Following that, my work is more or less over. Just a matter of leaning back and grinning like an idiot at how many people took the time to play one of my projects. [grin]

I don't think of myself as much of a businessperson/marketer, but I know that having things that stand out are important to catching people's attention. Here is my post on GD.NET for Membrane Massacre, which I think the topic title stands out pretty good for. Hopefully the pretty screenshots will do the rest of the work!


A massive thanks to everyone who took the time to play MM and threw some feedback in my direction. I'm extremely grateful, and I do take your words to heart. I'm really happy that I managed to supply you all with a few minutes of fun. [smile]

In addition, huge(r) kudos to Steve Healy and Eliwood, who wrote me some very flattering reviews less than 24 hours after MM's release!

Eliwood's Review
Steve Healy's Review

Steve Healy

I promised him a plug a little while back, and never got around to filling my end of said bargain. Steve Healy is a fellow game developer who has written a number of articles on the topics of game development and personal development, covering everything from interesting to motivating to downright cool. Take some time to check out his journal and read some of his insightful articles and gamedev adventures.
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Hey congrats on gettin' 'er done, mate.

I played it last night and it was great fun! My wife was vainly trying to distract me from it at some point [smile].

Regular mode was a bit too easy, but impossible was great fun! I especially like the new ships you can get in survival mode and the attack patterns & extra polish really show! Also, the lazer effect is really awesome.

Again, congrats on the game. You're probably heaving a sigh of relief and downing more than one coldie, but the burning question is:

What's next for the Dagger?


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Congratulations, HD. We all here know how hard you've worked on this.

I've been a bit too busy to download it recently, but I'll make a point of downloading it tonight and add my contribution to your download statistics [grin].

Fascinated to see what you start on next.

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Excellent game. While I have defeated the sinister microscopic evil, I'll definitely play again on HARD.

I had the best luck with the absolute control scheme. I think it was that mouse movement is not a pure rotate but rather a point that was causing problems for me. if mouse movement was just left/right rotation instead of a pointer, relative would have worked better for me.

Overall, rocked! Love it!

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