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Well, things are calming down. Most of the content that was new in the past month is still missing from the site - I'll be restoring it early next week, I expect - but the site as a whole is running OK.

There've been some issues, mostly relating to the fact that I've massively tightened NTFS permissions across the site. It used to be that the entire site directory tree was marked as 'full control' for the anonymous web user, so that any script could write to any file. I've now got it set so that scripts can only write to files/directories that have been explicitly marked as writable. This broke things like the IOTD (which needed write access to the folder where the images are stored), the GDS, the journals, the jobs system, etc etc... All very easy to fix, it's just a question of finding out about the error.

There have also been some problems with third party software - specifically our cataloguing of it. Some of the components we use are freeware and were easy to obtain and reinstall (with upgrades in a couple of places), but some were registered versions that I had to track down the license information for. One thing I will be making sure of, going forward, is that all of our license information is stored in a very explicit way, instead of being left in individual people's email archives. Still, I think all but one of the components we were using have been restored; the missing one is AspMap, which is used by the Gathering software to generate the big member map. You'll see that page is currently broken.

On the topic of third-party software, I should give a shout-out to Steve Schofield's IISLogs, which I've installed to manage our logfiles (instead of trying to find/install/configure whatever solution it was that we used to use - hand-written scripts, I think). It's a bit early to give it a full thumbs-up, but it's shown promise so far. I'll try and remember to report back here in a couple of months with my post-burn-in opinion of it.

A note about the hosted sites. They're all safe and sound, I've just not configured IIS to host them all yet. I'm trying to minimize the work I do with the hosted sites right now as the plan is to move them to a different server sometime soon, mainly for security reasons.

Also, FTP! This is one area I could use some feedback on. We're binning our old FTP server software, Serv-U FTP, as it's not got a great track record for security. I've been hunting around for a replacement server and the one I'm currently leaning towards is RaidenFTP - it supports SSL, it has some nice clustering capabilities, and it's extremely extensible which should make it easier to integrate with the rest of the site. Anyone out there have any opinions on it? Liked it, hated it? Any alternatives I should consider instead?

[Also, I'm going to be away from this afternoon until (probably) Sunday evening - going to a Real Ale festival in Wiltshire, and then to London to see my girlfriend. I might have internet access from time to time, but if you run into an issue with the site, please drop me a PM and I'll deal with it when I get back home.]
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I wanna move to another country. The US doesn't consider beer to be important enough to warrant its own festival. We have to wrap it in the guise of sporting events.

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