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Another Haitus Comes To A Close

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I purchased a house(in Mount Pleasant, WI). I sold my old house(in Trevor, WI). I spent a lot of time working on the new house to get it into order. It still, naturally, is not completely in order.

I have ripped out carpet, sanded floors, bought kitchen cabinets, bought countertops, spent a lot of time at Menard's.

I've had internet access at my house for a couple of weeks now, but other than temporarily connecting my laptop up to it, I have not made use of it. You see, I simply had the cable guy do a makeshift hook-up, as I do not yet know where the computer is going to be. Actually, I do know where it is going to be, but I do not know when it will be there.

There will be two computer areas. One in "the green room" which is one of the two non-master bedrooms. The other will be downstairs in a room that does not yet exist. At the moment, the cable modem is hooked up in the kitchen, connected to one of the wires that comes up through the living room floor (the hole already existed, and I didn't want the cable guy drilling holes in my house that I did not know would be in the correct area).

"So, just temporarily hook up the computer in the living room! Problem solved!"

Unfortunately, no. The living room needed to be polyurethaned, had already been sanded, and had been marked up while sanded by the work done in the kitchen. So, it had to be resanded, then polyurethaned. Naturally, it rained that evening, causing bubbles. Sand, dehumidify, new coat. Now there are just a few spots missed, which shall be taken care of tonight, which is a good thing, because the new living room furniture is coming a week from tomorrow, and the floor should have a good three days to sit before then, and in addition I have to put in the toe moldings, so I get to make use of my miter saw and my new bostitch nailer and air compressor.

There is currently a lot of demolition waste in my garage, which I am taking to the dump this weekend (we are borrowing an enclosed trailer for this purpose). In addition to the waste already in the garage, there was a good deal of stuff that needed to be removed from the basement (which is being finished after we clean it out, have the upstairs ready, and have moved all of our stuff to the upstairs, which requires the floors upstair being done).

So, last night I demolished the basement. the stuff is still there on the floor, but at least it is ready to be hauled.

As you can see, I have a number of "I want Z to happen, but that relies on Y being done, which in turn relies on X being done" type of things going on in my house.

This reminds me of an old game I wrote back in my teenage years on the TRS-80 Coco2. It was called "Demon's Crag", and was a text-adventure. I only later learned that "Crag" does not mean the same as "Cave" which I thought at the time. I would currently name this game "Demon's Cave". But alas.

Demon's Crag/Cave (henceforth DC) was written as a Destroy/Recover/Escape type of adventure. The start of the game, the player stumbles into a cave, and there is a cave-in trapping him. He blacks out, and awakes to find a book. The book tells him what he needs to do, and every time he reads it, it tells him how close he is to his goal. It's a magic book, duh.

The goal is simple: If you speak the right words while holding a particular amulet while standing in front of the cave-in, it will clear up and let you out.

Main Quest: Get Out
Subquest A: Get the Amulet
Subquest B: Learn the Incantation

As it turns out, the amulet is around the neck of a demon. The demon must be killed to get it. The demon lives in a room that is locked, so you'll need the key. The door and lock are hidden from view, and can only be seen with a magic lantern. In addition, the demon has psionic powers, and will turn you into his drooling slave unless you have the psionic helm.

Subsubquest A1: Get the Key
Subsubquest A2: Get the Magic Lantern
Subsubquest A3: Get the Psionic Helm
Subsubquest A4: Kill the Demon

For the incantation, the words are written on a scroll. The scroll is magically protected, and only the magic glasses can determine what the scroll says.

Subsubquest B1: Get the Scroll
Subsubquest B2: Get the Magic Glasses

Naturally, most of these items were guarded by some monster, which you had to kill. This all took place in a three level dungeon, each level had 25 rooms.

Not the most thrilling game, but for the time I was writing it, it was pretty good.

Around that same time, after DC, I wrote two other games in a similar vein. One was called "The Quest For Princess Sally" and the old was "Troll Castle".

After those, a friend of mine with a C64 showed me a piece of software called ACS, which allowed for construction of adventure games (for the C64, these were graphical adventures, not text based like mine on the CoCo).

I wrote my own kind of "ACS" for text adventures for the CoCo. It was still pretty simplistic. There were rooms. Rooms could be connected by doors(four directions, NSEW), and contain one monster and up to four items (again, NSEW). There were also traps and locks possible in each of the four directions.

This is basically the history of the idea behind my game concept "Dungeon Delver", which has way too many times drowned in the goo of feature creep. I am now, however, considering a new version of my "ACS" project, but paring down the features to what I remember was in the old one. The main difference now is that I don't have to limit the number of entities of any particular type(back in the 64k days, memory was more precious than gold), and I now have XML to store and retrieve the data.

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Ever see that "Star Wars: Yoda Stories" game? It's a little 2D adventure where you have to defeat Darth Vader but first you have to collect the widget which is guarded by the glorg who can be defeated by the blurgblaster etc etc etc.

But it's dynamically generated, so you get a new adventure every time. The games are pretty shallow, but are amusing.

There was also an Indiana Jones version. Softwareoutlet's selling the Yoda version for five bucks.

Thinking of it, that'd be an awesome daily puzzle, although it'd get pretty far from the "play in five minutes" mode that my existing games are in. Yoda Stories take about an hour to play.

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How is owning a home? I'm sick of renting an apartment, but I'm worried if I buy one it'll be a fuckton of work, and may even put my financials into an area of instability.

So I have no idea what to do.

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