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OpenGL and Windows

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So, I finally got around to downloading the PSDK, and I grabbed my OpenGL Superbible and did some example stuff, read a bit, etc. Unfortunately, their collision-detection on the square-bouncing-off-window-walls example was off (strangely), and the square bounces windowHeight+squareSize too high, and bounced squareSize up off the bottom (like some kind of invisible floor). Well, poo. (Yes, I tried fixing it. No luck.)

I'm trying some Win32 (you heard me) programming with Windows instead, just to get a grasp on windows and event-driven stuffs, using a tutorial at this site.

OpenGL is definitely not a beginner's API. =|

EDIT: Scratch that. I'm done with Win32. Just going to try to dig through some OpenGL code...
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Make sure you're in the right projection mode if you're doing 2D. [grin]

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I hate to tell you this, but Graphics programming itself isn't a beginner's subject.

My advice really can't count for much as I've only ever finished Pong clones, but I'm going to give it anyway. Write an advanced text adventure or something. IMHO graphics aren't going to be your toughest problem, it's going to be writing an engine that works together decently.

I'm a good example. I can write multi-layer tile map systems, animated characters that move when you press a key, GUIs that open and close with windows and such, and I can do them all fairly decently and quick. However, for the life of me I can't get all of the parts to work together.

That's my opinion anyway.

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I agree with Programmer16, I wouldn't go straight to graphics programming with OpenGL and Win32. It's much better to start with text games, then work up to simpler 2D with SDL or Allegro.

Take this from someone who tried to hop right into OpenGL and Win32 from basic text games. It didn't exactly turn out well, and probably set me back from making games for a year.

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