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And the public says:

Not much. I know it's only been 24 hours since I did my forum-advertisement-run, but I'm really surprised at how much less public feedback I've received. I was blown out of the water when I released the first version back in November, and now, after five months of work, it feels like I got less. I'm not sure if it's just the timing of the release, or if I've lost some of the fun factor that the original had. Still, there have been way less negative points (overall) that people have mentioned compared to the original. At least I'm doing *that* right. [grin]

The general points where:

- Controls are a little tricky (but on the other hand, some say they are super-intuitive..)
- Game gets repetitive fairly quickly
- Player gets spawned right beside enemies too much / too fast
- Freeze Bomb likes to slow down/freeze the game sometimes (d'oh!)
- Minimap HUD is intrusive


Huzzah, another 'review' for MM!

Drinking device?

Hah! I laughed pretty hard when I found this -- I'm hoping not too many people did. I did a little Freudian slip and spelt "shrinking device" as "drinking device" in every single advertisement I posted last night. Oops! They all should be fixed now, but it was pretty funny. Huge kudos to the fellow on that pointed it out to me. [smile]

How was it done?

I've had several people ask me about the details of how the destructible terrain in Membrane Massacre worked, and the collision detection involved. As I've been getting both tired of writing out answers each time and equally good at explaining it in detail, it might be a good idea to formulate it all into a nice article. "Life in a Destructible World"?


I think I'm just imagining some of the negativity about the game -- it probably happens when you work on something nearly every day for five months straight. I'm now realizing that public response is a logarithmic curve: the last 10% of the work that takes 90% of the time still only gets 10% of the response. Polish is nice, but it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference. At least not here.

On that note, my days feel a little emptier. I dreamed for the last 3 months of being free of MM and able to work on any of my numerous sought-after projects, but now it's a little disorienting. After always having MM there for me -- ready to be worked on -- for so long, I'm having a tough time thinking about what else I could work on. Something will definitely come to me, though. It always has! [smile]
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Recommended Comments

I felt the same way after every one of my major projects -- oh so hollow my life has become without software to write. [crying]

I think a lot of the activity in the indie game forums overall has diminished -- your original posts were made during probably one of the big boom times for indie games, and it'll pick up again after finals, as science has shown that most indie games are consumed by cheap university students who are looking forward to shooting things outside of various liquors.

Don't be discouraged! Keep pimping your game and you'll get somewhere. It took me several months after Glow's release to get a cover on tigsource.

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Yeah, I know how you feel, today I got a few blah comments on my DeviantArt page, which is oddly discouraging for how many other ones are positive.

*Grumble* stupid commies...*grumble*

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Yeah, it's definitely easier to pay attention to negative feedback than positive. I apologize if my earlier feedback sounded negative towards the middle - it totally wasn't supposed to, but I was in a hurry and wanted to say good job.

I hated waiting for feedback when I'd finally taken the plunge and posted Mop online. Just be glad you're not swimming in bug reports; Membrane Massacre seems very stable :)

The control took me a bit to get used to, but now I like it. I might still prefer mouse-turning instead of the cursor method, but with the cursor I can easily tell where I'm aiming, so that's awesome.

The gameplay itself is cool. I like the way the blobs all have different "personalities" with how they move, also how they wiggle :) The weapons are fun (especially once you realize that they recharge, albeit slowly). However, sometimes I get stuck in enemies, especially the last boss. Also there doesn't seem to be a safeguard against starting IN an enemy, which isn't're at 50 health by the time you get out.

But, those are minor quibbles. The base of the game is very fun. I beat it on hard, so I'm going to move up to impossible.

What fun! I love the parallax and the particle effects. Well done! A+!

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Awesome, awesome, awesome. Without question one of the best freeware games I've ever played. I just defeated the final boss thing. Absolutely magic.

In response to your final comments above, I don't think that you are in a position to judge your project as you are too close to it. Trust me - this is a classic.

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You game looks fun, but I was completely put off by how you spammed unrelated forums (eg. [sad]

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Original post by OrangyTang
You game looks fun, but I was completely put off by how you spammed unrelated forums (eg. [sad]

I'm sorry that you feel that way. I've been a lurker on for a long time and have grown to respect the opinions of many of the regular developers on there. I posted to get opinions from those developers, which I don't see as 'spam'. [sad]

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@Ravuya: Thanks for the encouragement. You're definitely right about the need for perseverance; I've got to just keep on pushin' the product.

@Drillian: You're also right about needing keep the negative and the positive in balance. And on that note, I'm extremely grateful for all of the positive words you've offered about MM. [smile]

@EasilyConfused: Aye, perhaps I am a little biased as the creator. It's going to be fun looking back on this in a few years and seeing what an exaggerator I was. [grin] And a big thanks to you too for the encouragement and kind words about MM over these months!

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Hey, don't get down over statistics, man. Everything on the web works with what I like to call the "Snowball Effect." It starts out slow but the bigger it gets, the faster it gets bigger. My website started out the same way. The first month, I had less than 50 visitors. The second month, I passed 3000 visitors. It's just how the web works. Once you start growing, it's a rare occasion for that growth to slow down.

When you put out a good product, as you've done, word of mouth handles a ton of the advertising for you, you've just got to keep pushing it routinely, which you're doing, and let everyone who plays it help spread the word.

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@hopedagger:Something will definitely come to me, though. It always has!

*cough*game using ray vectors*cough*

other wise, hrmmm, i am quite impressed with the end of mm, maybe you should enter another contest with someone(lol)

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Ooh. We should have a similar one-on-one week contest. [grin]

Could the world survive such a battle?

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