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Blocky World Act 2

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I began designing the "Part 2" levels today, starting with "Blocky World Part 2". I've gotten 1/3 of this level designed, but I got "Level designer's block" and now I'm writing this.

I have to admit I still enjoy designing levels, even though I complain about it so much. I didn't really want to make the "Part 2" levels, but I know the game will be better for it, so I'm going ahead. I set out on this project to make a platformer like the ones I used to play, and I intend to finish it...even if it takes me a month or two...or three more[grin]

Anyway, the new levels should be completed by the end of next week. Than I can get to work on...everything else.

The level transistions will be pretty simple. To transistion from one level to another, the game will do the scene wipe from the old Batman show, with Blocky Man's face instead of the Bat signal. It should be pretty easy to picture if you know what I'm talking about.

Evidently writing this hasn't helped my "Level designer's block", but perhaps playing Warhammer Dawn of War will[lol]

I would play my 360, but the supposed AV cable that the Microsoft tech support said they would send has not arrived. By the way, it's been three weeks since said cable was suppose to arrive. I'm starting to believe there never was a cable, it was simply a figment of my imagination, a manifestation of my desire to play the 360 we've owned only for 8 months.

Oh well, perhaps it will arrive today...perhaps.
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