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Work continues on Escalation as usual. I fixed up part of the collision code, only ot break it in several other places. Basically when the player would walk into a corner he would get half-way through it before being repelled. Now it works correctly half the time and the other half it completely messes up and warps the player around, great.

Also having some trouble with Tao. I can only guess that the absence of examples using OpenGL extensions is because they had as much fun with them as I am. One of the reasons I still prefer Direct3D, no stupid extensions.

I've found a couple free animated monster models through Turbosquid. Unfortunately half of them are in .max format and I've been unable to find anything to convert them. I've tried Milkshape, FragMotion and Blender, none of which seem to support max. Does anyone know a program that'll do conversions? I'd like to have more than two monsters in the game.

I could also still use someone to make models. Nothing fancy, just some items and decorations.

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I could probably make some items in MilkShape -- I used to be really good at making guns and stuff in it.

The problem with me is texturing and animating the stuff. Building the basic geometry and doing the initial texture unwrapping is fun for me though.

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Well they wouldn't have to be animated, and the texture mapping can be complete crap since the game is usually 600-800 units away from anything.

Doesn't your game need models though? It would be weird to say you need models and then make them for someone else.

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If you need someone to make some textures, I can try my hand at it. I'm not horrible and I need the practice.

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I might take you up on it. The big problem with me is that I'm also shit at unwrapping and doing the little fiddly bits to make sure everything looks perfect.

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Look good, Scet. I'm particularly happy at how committed you've been to Escalation. Very excited to see how this game turns out in the end, since as you know, I've got a huge soft spot for overhead shooters. [grin]

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