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Stiil alive!

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Mayan Obsidian


Yeah, I'm still alive. I'm just busy with school and whatnot. But now that it's spring break for me, it's time to program like a MADMAN. After all, programming is what I think about doing when I'm doing other school related stuff.


You know how it is. You just get so sick of placement, prototype stand-in cubes that you can't stand it anymore. Without any visual indication of progress it felt like I was spinning my wheels setting up an engine and not a game. It's difficult for me to prioritize things I need to get implemented for the game and not get bored trying or simply running out of time.

That's how I've felt this past week, so I spent time learning how to use Blender. I tried to pick it up about a year ago and really hated it. I dabbled into the Milkshape a little bit, but then decided to try out Blender again. It's amazing what a few versions can do to a modeling program. Now editing in it feels so fun and natural to me, I find myself doing blender shortcuts in other programs. Or maybe that's my ridiculously good muscle memory kicking in again .. hrrm.

One of the major problems that I had was setting up a scale between Blender and Ogre. I had a lot of old prop models that were all different scales and I just modified a meta file that I used for loading them to set a proper scale. It just got plain silly when I was giving models a scale of just to make it look a decent size. I went with a unit of 1 in blender equaling 1 in Ogre - 1 being a meter in size in scale. Amazingly enough after making this change, the physics system seemed to go a little bit better. Lower numbers = GOOD :D.

The second problem that I had in blender was dealing with tiling textures. It's a pain in the ass to do stuff in blender when you're doing stuff like this for all of the walls:

wtf tile!

I guess in due time, I'll develop a method for things to look correct the first time around. But for now I'm happy with what I've accomplished so far.


Screenshot of Tangent

Basically what I've done since the last time I updated this journal was I implemented a AI state machines, and the ability for an employee to walk up to a customer press a button (or whatever the user bound the ACTION_OK to - it could even be a mouse axis .. but that's crazy) and have that customer follow them around forever. This was much fun to debug, because sometimes the customer would shove the employer around until I forced it to have a 1 meter of respect around the player.

I made the table and chairs, and the new "testing" room in blender. I know the textures a bit plain for the tables, but I like the floor texture :). The white brick to the left is something to help me with the scale of the restaurant as I add more things to it in blender. I don't have a real idea of what I want the restaurant to look like, but I do have concept art that I made 10 months ago:

I'll do my best to make it look like that - without the smudges of course.

The next thing that I need to do is set up a Table Object so that when I approach a table after grabbing a customer, they'll take a random available seat and pretend to place an order. That and I want to make a new model to replace that damn ninja.

I still need to replace my LuaPlus implementation with a LuaBind one instead, I'm afraid of doing that because it will break the nice shell that I have of objects loading in script, etc, etc. It should be for the best though. Plus I want to get dialogue trees going in this soon :)
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Hey! You're still alive! [grin]

Glad to see that Tangent is seeing development, and that it's looking mighty good. Now you're obligated to post progress a little more regularly!

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