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Continuing da trip in L.A.

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Emmanuel Deloget


Warning: this meditation is more or less an artefact of the bottle of Oaks Diamonds that I drank during the dinner. The idea was to test Californian wines; the best I can tell is that now, one of them has been tested (this is a Chardonnay from the Napa Valley, for those who are interested. For a French guy who likes wine a lot (I mean, me, or example), this chardonnay was kind of special, as it doesn't taste like a French chardonnay. It's like it constains some spices - that's quite dificult to explain. But you still discover the taste of the chardonnay if you keep the wine on your tongue for a time).

There's something strange about the experience I'm living. I had to change my hotel (because the Residence Inn was full, and I had to extend my booking - and they weren't able to handle that), so I went to the Marriot Torrance which is right in front of the Residence Inn (a coworker of mine is still there, so I couldn't move too far away). The Marriot is an Hotel de Luxe (forgive this French expression). It's still not a palace - lacking a huge number of services - but it's quite classy. In France, that would be somewhere between a 4-stars hotel and a palace (5 stars) - but I don't know how the Californian classification is enforced, so I don't know it's real rating.

The thing that's strange is that I feel at home in this obvious luxury. Drinking good wines that you pay with the skin of your nose, phoning to the reception so they can bring you a glass of fresh French mineral water and so on. Problem is that I don't have the money to pay such a luxury hotel for a long peiod of time - all in all it's not really a problem, as the company I work for will pay. But I really feel like I could live this way for a long time. I'm not impressed, I'm not thinking that I'm in the wrong place. I'm just there, acting like if everything was natural.

Obviously, it's not natural at all. I mean, everyone is at your service - you can ask whatever you want (the main difference with a palace being that some of your whishes can't be accepted). In real life, you won't ask someone to clean your room twice in the day because you decided to rest for some time during the afternoon. You do it yourself, or you live with it.

Ok, you don't care much.

So, today, I decided to rent a car. I took a Mustang (auto gear... do I look like someone who likes to drive auto-greared cars? Geez...), and I emptied the tank by driving in LA for a while (pacific coast fwy, sunset blvd, mulholand dr, and so on). That was quite pleasant.

Tomorrow, if God exists (and if he has some free time), I'd be pleased to meet Him. If that's not possible, I guess I'll take the car and do another rip - maybe I'll go to Electronic Arts office in LA. Not sure I'll find someone there, unless they are facing some crunch time. But that would mean that another ea_spouse will provoke another EA seism). Or maybe I'll visit the south of LA - There's a small city called San Diego somewhere. It seems it's not too far.

And on monday, I'll go back to work. I'll spend another day on the issue I had to fix by friday (it's fixed. It's just not fully tested, because the data set we use don't contain the value we need. Too bad. I was told that they worked on the subject on friday, in order to release a new version of the data set this monday morning. All they have to do is to enable some filters that they disables some months ago, so that shouldn't take them too much time).

I will stay in L.A. (Torrance; but now, I have a car, so I can move arround) up the the 5th of April. Then I'll go back to Stuttgart (I'll arrive on Friday afternoon).

But you surely don't care at all*.

*: it's strange: evertime I say that, noone answers "no, youre wrong, we really care". I wonder why.
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