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The game continues to be formed pt3

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OK, so I'm dumb.

Not in a 'duh.. wha?' kinda way but in a 'oh right, I forgot I had that working..' kinda way [grin]

In the entry written not 2h before now I bemoaned the lack of speed from the project and wondered why I could only draw ~20 sprites before things went all slow.

Turns out I'd kinda forgotten I had the enemy spawning system working [grin] This spawns a new ememy ship ever 1.5seconds, however you can fire ever 1.0 seconds.

Sooooooo ~20 seconds in you have;
- 1 player ship
- 20 bullets
- ~14 enemy ships

or 35 sprites being rendered.
Sure, we still arent talking 400fps speed here, but that's a bit better than I was doing.

I figure restrict the enemy ships to ~10 or so (alive and dying), restrict the bullets to 15 player and 5 enemy and it should all work out fine.



Anyways, I've hacked in a little AnimatedActor class which allows the drawing of sprites from a sprite sheet to do things such as explosions etc, gotta see if that works now [grin]
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