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Argh... no journal yesterday ! To be honest, I didn't have any time. I got up at 5:30 in the morning because I had to be at my job early. I've found a memory leak during my car drive back home in my ftp class (I think alot while I drive). Had to fix that before I got to the client where I had to install the ftp server and the clients on the PDAs. Went all smooth except that my project manager thought it would be a good idea to erase *all* the content of the working folder which ment that I basically had to reconfigure everything...

I finished early (since I was at work early) and decided to buy some shelfes for my cellar. I've finished painting the floor with an extra resistant color and it was time to put some shelfes into it. So my wife, my children and me drove to the nearest IKEA store to spend some money there. I have to say something : Never, and I really mean NEVER, go to an IKEA store with your wife if you have a clear idea what you want. Normally it would take 10 minutes to pace through the shop and fetch everything... It took 2 hours (!) to go through the *entire* shop with my wife.

When we returned home, I started to build the first shelf row (3 shelfes sticked together). Gonna do the rest today.

I haven't touched my computer at home since 2 days. What a pity. I still have Doom 3 to play and I still have to include pixel and vertexshaders into my engine.

Ah yes, I've almost finished the post mortem for Dr. Electron. Still have to clean up some things and I still have to find a 5th "What went wrong" point.
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