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The game continues to be formed pt4

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Most of today was spent poking at the scripting to get the game fully working.

Currently it has;
- player controlled ship
- player bullets
- spawning bouncing enemies
- enemy bullets
- animated explosions on ship death

I've also added a simple hud with score, lives and health status indicator to it [grin]

The game starts on the menu screen (still blank, I'll be sorting that post-bath), you hit any key and it takes you to the game, upon death you get taken back to the menu.

Depending on the time left I might add a 'game over' screen before automagically going back to the menu, we'll see how I feel.

I've also improved the framerate by culling things as they fall out of the window or die, something which wasn't being done before. With some changes it improved things a great deal.

Now, some screen shots!
The game as it stands;

I tried to add a nice backdrop... the framerate bombed... I think I'll leave it out for testing and just talk about it instead [grin] (As to if this is general lack of hardware drawing or a clash between Vista and Java 1.4's gfx I still don't know)

Right then, bath time... more journal spam later [smile]
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Why are you getting such crappy performance? Are you targeting a cellphone or something, or is it just because Java is a slow, unmaintainable piece of garbage that we will curse the name of incessantly over the next 50-60 years?

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