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re-coloured monsters ftw

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Fixed the collision bug. The reason was because the side-of-line checker look at what sector you where in. Problem was when colliding with a corner it was possible to be in a sector not on either side of the line.

Anyway I spent the rest of the day working on the first level, well actually it'll probably be the second level, but the first to be done.

It's not done yet, there's still a few areas left to do.

Also there seem to be a ton of texture alignment issues in the game(these are not present in DoomBuilder). Damn Doom format.
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I'm sure that these models aren't the ones to be used for the final game, but for the ones that you do use, make sure to brighten them up. As it stands, there's very little distinction between the actors and the background behind them. The main character is especially hard to spot if you don't know what you're looking for.

That aside, things are looking very nice. I'm interested in hearing more about your plans from a design point-of-view rather than the technical points that you mainly post on. What's the storyline? What will the game play like? Will there be nifty scripted events? What neat features will make Escalation stand out? What is your favourite colour?

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Actually I do plan on using those monster models, the player is temporary though. As far as them standing out, it helps when they're constantly moving around.

Overall design is a copy of Doom, standard one-liner story and zombie/monster gore festival. Triggers are basically the same, althoough they operate differently.

My favourite colour is orange.

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