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The Game is Done!

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So, I missed my midnight deadline but in the end decided to add a reasonably complicated 'Instructions' screen along with a Game Over screen, giving the game a total of 4 states to swap between.

A post-mortem of sorts will follow, first I have to write the text to go with my assignment, however it's been an intresting experiance being forced to write a game in a short amount of time (ok, so I forced myself by leaving it so late but that's me for you [grin]).

So, after the 4 day game project is offically done now however. huzzah! [grin]

It has nearly 1000 lines of Lua script (ok, some comments and blank space, but still that's a fair amount), spread over 9 files.

On the java side there is about 700 lines of code spread over 5 files.

I also plan to release all this, however I should probably get the ok from my lecturer about it.

For now, screens shots a go go!

Before I get on with my write up I'd just like to address this;
Original post by Ravuya
Why are you getting such crappy performance? Are you targeting a cellphone or something, or is it just because Java is a slow, unmaintainable piece of garbage that we will curse the name of incessantly over the next 50-60 years?

In short; I honestly don't know.
I've knocked this up pretty quick, it's possible I've missed something which should have been done to make things properly hardware accelerated.
It's that or Java 1.4 and Vista really don't get on all that well; which I suspect might be part of the case because during development of this I've noted the following;
- upon start up windows switches off Aero during mode detection, only to switch it back on again once the window is in view
- sometimes the app just fails to start
- when I was using VolatileImage as the backing it would sometimes fail to render anything
- Seeing a bubble which says your graphics card drivers have restarted the card because it failed to respond is never good karma...
- .. but it's slightly better than the lockups that it would cause if it didn't recover because I killed the app during debugging at the wrong point.

It's possible Java 6 fixes all these errors, who knows, but it might also explain the performance issues I've been getting.

Right, I'm gonna stretch for a bit then work on this document; ~3000 in 3h?

No worries!

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