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More aftermath.

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Membrane Feedbackcre

Feedback has been looking great, so far, all-around. I was definitely just in a post-release-jitters stage during my last entry. [smile] I've been getting tons of positive comments, plenty of constructive criticism, and even a few encouraging emails! Not to mention ~700 in the last five days. I'm really happy about the outcome so far, and can't wait to start submitting it to freeware websites.

The end, or more?

How does a developer decide when to stop working on a game? I've been getting a lot of really excellent points about improving aspects of MM -- points which I openly admitted would really go a long way in making MM all that it could be.

But is it worth it? Should a developer keep on working on a game until it truly is 'all that it can be'? Does such a state truly exist? When do we draw the line? I'm still undecided whether I want to go back and do one more update and re-release. Part of me wants to throw the game away and be rid of it, and part sort of wants to go that extra 5% distance to make MM shine as much as possible.

Stencyl -- Collisions ahoy!

A few months ago I was contacted and asked if I could rewrite the collision management system for the budding game development software, Stencyl. I've been friends with the creator for a couple of years now, so I accepted. It would be a good chance to flex out my collision detection 'skills' and help out on a project dripping with potential.

So far my contributions have been pretty shabby, I grudgingly admit. I've been so wrapped up with Membrane Massacre, my schoolwork, and social life to really sit down and put the time into it that it a) deserves, and b) told Eliwood that I would. So this will be my new priority in the coming days/weeks/months (however long it takes). I've fallen really far behind schedule on this, and I'm going to start making good on my promises to deliver, immediately.

End of Term

Just two days of lectures remain until my final exam period begins. 17 days of fun ahead, with five exams. Although one would expect my productivity to decrease during times of such stress, it'll likely spike up pretty nicely. I find that once I start working hard on something, it creates a snowball effect that cascades over all of my work. Work hard on a day of studying, then work hard at night on a game. After that, a week of rest, and then my co-op job begins. Nothing but excitement and intrigue ahead!


A free plug to Scet, who has been working hard on a very-interesting-looking Escalation.
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Thanks for the plug, we're such whores [wink]

Anyway, the project is finished when you say it is. There's always someone that's going to complain about something. If you feel it's done, move on to the next project or just take a break.

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LOL, "You have defeated the sinister microscopic evil" ;)

Just finished the new version of Membrane Massacre. I really liked your progress on this; I just couldn't stop playing. Looking forward to seeing some more projects like this from you! ;)

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