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What it's all about!

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So this is my first entry.. Nice to be here ;)

This is what it's all about. I'm starting this blog as a way of getting the word out about my project Freehauler.

The game has been under design and development for over three years now, with a few major shifts in direction.

The current has been scaled down big-time from the original lofty goals, as several attempts at team-building failed and I'm currently running the show on the developer side of things.

The scaled back approach being so that it's a do-able amount of work for one guy to handle.

The game is an open-ended space trading simulation game, inspired by Freelancer (or what was lacking in said game), the Independence War series, Hardwar, Privateer 2 and of course the classic Elite.

The scaled-down version will be 2D with a turn-based style of play of which was inspired mostly by the popular Dope Wars, however it is hoped in future that it can be scaled up to a real-time 2D or 3D engine.

Perhaps the most notable distinction from other space sims on the market, is that Freehauler will be designed around a realistic model of space.

The game setting is 300 years in the future in a colonizsed (Earth's) solar system and will be a sci-fi-esqu feel to the game. I will elaborate more on it later..
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Thanks guys! It's weird to be replying to your comments before I've even finished editing my post!

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