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All around the mulberry bush

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So, UIs are right arse then.

After spending a few hours today working on my human-computer interaction class project, I came home and worked a bit on the in-ship GUI in Novarunner.

The in-ship GUI is a special case. It's got some really nasty requirements:
  1. Has to do a lot of stuff,
  2. You have to be able to use it in the heat of combat,
  3. It can't be too obtrusive,
  4. And it can't look like shit.

Obviously #4 is outside of my capabilities, but let's look at how I did tonight.
I threw this out. Why? Because it implied we'd be using the arrow keys to access menu options, and I need those to keep from having my butt shot off. Out!

Next was the idea to use number keys:
This wasn't too bad, but now it's not as obvious that the menu is up -- you have to look at the corner and it's quite small.

Finally, I spaced stuff out and then started implementing the guts:
I lifted the old dialogue box interface and put it to work in the menu hierarchy. This seems to work quite well.

And thus ends a busy night of hacking. Next up: Actually making other menu options than "Quit" do stuff. Pshaw!
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