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Post-Meeting Outcome

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The meeting last night went fairly well,

There were unfortunetly three people MIA,

one genuinely (i knew he wasnt going to be able to make it),
and later i found out one was having internet problems, and the other simply forgot i guess (grits teeth).

Anyway, for all that were there, I basicly laid out that from this point on things offically need to move faster if we are to make our deadline. Our newest member Heleen Durston, definetly was into the 'can-do' pep-rallying, Billy Zimmerman also was all for it, Our sketch artist, Morgan Chaput, as always was against the change to our equipment system, but I was able to follow up his gripes with positive factors about the new system, and finally 'seemed' to win him over.

I have put up a todo list that has all of the remaining tasks in the game, categorized by member, I feel this list will help in getting tasks completed, and also instil some motive to not want to seem 'deficant' in the eyes of thier co-developers, I am also thinking of some kind of reward system based on a task percentage complete over total tasks over some period of time, basicly a way to measure effort, and reward exceptional effort.

All in all, I would say for the moment the crisis has passed, but time will tell.
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