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Evil Steve


I decided to update my todo list slightly. So here's a lost of tasks needing done now:

3D audio
Pretty self-explanatory. Ability to set listener position in 3D, and the position of emitters in 3D.

Dynamic texture creation, locking
A platform independant way to create and lock dynamic textures for things like clouds and plasma effects. Should be quick and easy to do, I just haven't needed it yet. I'll get this done soon I think. I'm probably going to make all textures lock as 32-bit, so if textures are 16-bit internally, I'll have to create a buffer, convert it to 32-bit and return the buffer. Not ideal, but I really don't want the game code to have to deal with colour format conversions, and I expect most textures to be 32-bit anyway.

Bitmap font support
I already have support for true-type fonts, but obviously bitmap fonts look nicer, even if they are a bit more restricrtive. So loading a bitmap font will involve loading a font definition file, which will probably be a .ini-style file containing a list of bitmap images to load, and the coordinates, sizes, base lines, etc of each glyph.

Sprite-based text support (Single line, dynamic)
This is half done, but I'm not marking it as done till I'm happy that it's fairly optimal. For instance, every time you change the string, it re-creates texture pointers for all the glyphs. It's just a new call though, not creating a full D3D texture or anything, but it's still less than ideal.

Text alignment, word wrapping, etc
Should be quick and easy to do, it's just moving the sprites around and taking into account the features of the font.

Multilayer tilemap support
Sprites are all well and good, but they have a reasonably high overhead. Not huge, but you wouldn't want to fill a screen with 32x32 sprites. So, I intend to make a tilemap class, which is just what it sounds like, a class that contains a bunch of tiles. Tiles can be any size, but all tiles on a tilemap must be the same size. Tilemaps can also be layered, so you could have a sky layer made up from a few 256x256 tiles, and a foreground layer made up from lots of 16x16 tiles. Tilemaps won't use sprites internally, since there's some sorting overheard involved. I can also decide to turn on/off alpha for certain tilemaps to make better use of the Z-buffer and stuff.

MD2 model loading
Another obvious one. I'll just be copying the code from TEH MMORPG!!1 for this I expect.

Misc. model format loading (TBD)
I'd like to support some other model format too, something like .obj or perhaps some skeletal animation type. I'm not sure really, hence the TBD.

I'm not going to cover this as it's all obvious

That'll do for now I think. I'm going to try and get the text stuff done today (lunch and this evening).
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