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problems once again

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Once again a private message land in my inbox, telling me i cant put out the screenshots. Therefore i decided to write to nintendo and ask them politely if i may use and publish some screens here on gamedev for showing you my work, not the tiles or sprites but the game itself.

Lets see what happend.
feel alittle bit small in this mather against NINTENDO :)
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Huh? If (and only if) a GDNet staff member or moderator sent you the PM then do not listen to what I am about to say, otherwise ...name and shame who PM'd you [lol]

How is posting screenshots containing Zelda sprites any different from say, making a Zelda desktop wallpaper and taking zelda artwork and arranging it yourself inside photoshop?

If you had plans to make a Zelda game and distribute it or even sell it, I can understand you being told to cease and decist, but getting artwork when you are trying to learn game programming can be hard and it makes sense to reuse existing stuff that you like. There are countless posts within these journals where people have been working on some sort of graphical technique and used artwork from existing games (Oh! Somebody call Sega's lawyers, I see a tails! [wink]), so just post the screenies dude [smile]

Oh, and welcome to Journal Land [cool]


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On that note, if they do ask you to cease and desist.... you can always.... cease and desist. [smile]

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