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More House Stuff

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This weekend, I did a number of things house related. Ideally, I'd like to get the stuff in my house "done" so that I can achieve normalcy in life, and have a computer that I can use to do things and also have some free time in which to do them.

First, I had a huge pile of construction waste in my garage. I also had a huge pile of construction waste in my basement. These are now gone. They are at the dump. I went with my father in law and sister in law to take them to the dump. This was my sister in laws first experience of a real dump (meaning a pile of smelly refuse rather than just a place where there are a bunch of dumpsters). After gagging a few times, she did pretty well unloading the trailer.

Second, I received a table and chairs from my father in law. They are now in the house, but not set up in the kitchen.

Third, my wife worked on getting the kitchen closer to done (painting the ceiling, and painting trim). I put in outlet plates and put up blinds.

Fourth, I worked on finishing the living room, by switching some outlets to three prong, putting in outlet plates, putting down toe moldings, moving in rugs and some temporary furniture (the "real furniture" comes this saturday).

Fifth, even though we have a washing machine and a dryer, although the washing machine cannot at this moment be hooked up, we went to the laundromat, because all of our spare time is spent working on the house, it is more expedient to use the laundromat.

For the toe moldings in the living room, I got to use my new air compressor and nailer. It is a somewhat scary thing the first time you turn it on. It makes a loud and frightening noise, and keeps running for a while. This made me wonder if the cut out switch would work correctly, or if it would just keep compressing until something breaks. Fortunately, the cut off works.

I'm looking into getting a utility trailer and a hitch for my car. A hitch and associated hardware can be had for a little over $100, and a trailer can be had for around $600. The only issue I have left to investigate is the electrical stuff for my car. If not present, I will have to have it installed, as I am not a car guy.

Taking inventory, I've come to realize that I have started to amass some pretty cool things. I have an air compressor, an 18 gage nailer, a 16 gage nailer, 25' air hose with connectors (I can fill my own tires), a miter saw, a circular saw, a jig saw, two belt sanders, a palm sander, a random orbital sander, a leaf blower/sucker/cruncher, two lawn mowers, and an assorment of hand tools. You might even start to think that I'm compensating for something.

I was thinking about the "Adventure Maker" game I talked about last week. I started doing some preliminary code on a collection of game entities. In the midst of doing so, I realized why making games was so much easier in 64k line number BASIC than it is today with all of my "software engineering knowledge" and Visual C# 2005 Express.

A quick example of the design and then the implementation in each:

The Design

One of the game entities is "Doors". Doors have a name, and may be passable or impassable. A collection of these is needed.

The Line Number BASIC way in 64K:

How many do I think I can get away with? How many do I need. Lets try 10.

100 DIM D$(10),D(10)

Then, make a bit of code that lists the doors, another bit for entering values. Update the save/load part of the program to write these out or read them in. Done in 10-15 minutes.

The Sofware Engineery Way in C#:

We have no need to limit the number, so this will just be a collection, similar to a vector. Wait! These entities will be like the other entities to some degree, so the collection object should be a generic, and the base class should have some sort of unique identifier and the collection should have a dictionary object to lookup ids to values in the array, so that I don't have to update values in other objects whenever I delete from the list (because I *NATURALLY* need to add, remove, and edit values in the collection).

At this point, to add the simple game entities of Doors, I need three classes: a generic collection, a "game object base class" and the door class.

Conclusion: I am overengineering, and I should quit it.
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Just a note: Even if you were "a car guy," I wouldn't recommend doing your own electrical. It can be a bitch to get trailer wiring hooked up properly.

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