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Out of the depths of time, crawls shadowcomplex!

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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in updating. Ran into some technical issues with my account here (thanks very much to Rav,Melissa, and Oluseyi for the help) and then decided to post more content then usual for my 'return' =)

So -- Fireheart is rolling. The dialogue is coming along very well, and is now quite robust. I have added in dialogue branching, and choice selection, so shops and inns and the such should be a snap now, and should be completely scriptable.

One stumbling block thus far: the game mechanics of the combat were not fleshed out enough in design. We have a fairly rich ability to convey a story, and already have some decent puzzle elements, but the combat is...lacking. Basically, you can run around, shoot fireballs, things chase you/shoot fireballs back, and that's that. Not so much fun, really.

So before David and I can get together for lengthy teleconference on what to do, we have been focusing on content, in the forms of level building.

This is a pic from within the world builder of a dungeon type level. There are some tile inconsitencies, but we are just trying to flesh out the feel. It leaves a bit to be desired at the moment, but I think the blue fog looks pretty cool.

Other news:
Since David and I both [seemingly] work better when we have multiple things going on, we decided to mock up a prototype for one of his IP ideas, known as 'Gearo the Hero'. We are trying to knock out a short, sweet, simple and addictive game in just a few weeks. It is kind of 'our break' from Fireheart once we start to feel the burn.

A short description: take Space Invaders, put it into 3D with a fantasy setting that allows melee and ranged attacks, and you have Gearo: Legion's Call.

Here is the very first screenshot:

It is kind of hard to tell what is going on, but next post will have a video so you can see the 3D perspective. In motion it looks pretty neat.

Along with this little game, David really likes to make comics, so he is going to do a short daily comic strip about the Gearo universe. Did I mention how dedicated and talented he was?

Gearo Comic teaser:

We are currently working on a new site together, for both Fireheart and Gearo. Once up (well, once polished a bit) there will be daily comic updates.

So, thats the past month. Thanks for reading =)

EDIT: Sorry about all the broken images below :( My old site is no more since David and I are making a new one together, and I have yet to re-upload the images again. I'll try and do that soonish.
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Thanks much =)

I have been meaning to talk to you about the mac port as well...
When I get a bit more done with Gearo, I'll PM you or graffiti your journal or some such.

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