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Last night I had free so I was determined to go through and knock up a good looking window widget (border, background, close button, title) for the UI. What did I do? About 6 games of SupCom. Which is odd, since I was kinda tired of the game, and I hate people online (I'd not played online until last night), and mostly hate RTSes.

3v3 Seton's Clutch playing the middle:

Held enemy to standoff (each with one big wreck). Seaborne monkeylord smashes their middle turret wall. Swarms of tanks stream through. Victory.

2v2 Fields of Isis:

Rushed. Poor teammate. Quick death.

ffa Ian's Cross:

For some reason nobody attacked my one engie which sat in the middle reclaiming the wrecks. One quick artillery drop crippled one guy. Turtled. Nuked. Victory!

3v3 Winter Fire:

Aeon on the island. Aurora rush with teammate bombers cripples their island guy. Destroyers + transported land assault kills another. Concerted land assault with teammate air support finishes. Victory.

2v2 Burial Mounds:

Turtle. Colossus mangled. Nukes blocked. Destroyed ~80 broadswords, only got 20 of the strat bombers. Defeat.

4v4 Seton's Clutch:

Quick victory due to incompetence of their middle guy.
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