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Camping Out, Part One of Three

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In the finishing of the upstairs of my house, there has been a major item holding us up.

We have a hallway that goes from the kitchen and living room to the bedrooms and the only full bathroom in the house. (There is a toilet and sink downstairs, just sitting against a wall).

After getting the living room done on Sunday, we were left with only the hall to polyurethane. It had already been long sanded, and in fact needed some spot re-sanding because of various gunk and paint and dirt.

We considered a couple of options:

1) do half of the hall at a time. because we needed to get to the bathroom and the bedroom, we figured this was the only way. The downside is that it takes 6 days to do three coats, and there's the possibility of having uneven sides. The upside is that we'd have access to the bedroom and bathroom.

2) camp out in the living room. polyurethane early enough in the evening that we can hang out in the living room all night, and go outside and around the house to the back door, from which we can get to the basement and hence the toilet. Downsides are: trapped in living room, have to go outside and around to go the the bathroom. Upside: done in three days.

So, it boiled down to a Time v. Hassle problem. In the end, we have decided to do the camping thing in the living room, and did the first coat last night. Unfortunately, it was storming last night, so we could not ventilate, but the dehumidifier helped to dry it in time for this morning.

Basically, I wound up huffing polyurethane all night while sleeping on an air matress in the living room and effectively needing to go to an outhouse to pee.

We can do coat two tonight, and so we'll be most of the way there. Unfortunately, we cannot do the third coat until thursday. Wednesday there are other things that need doing that prevent an early enough application for it to be ready in the morning. So yay me! I get to sleep in a BED on wednesday again.

After the hall is done, there remain only minor things (like replacing outlets, outlet covers, paint touch-ups, blinds, some toe moldings, and the like). There are no other major projects for upstairs. That means that it is time to move all of the stuff currently stored downstairs into one of the empty bedrooms, and start on that.

And then there's the garage, but that's actually rather simple. I'm just putting up pegboard on the walls and replacing the garage door opener (it doesn't have the IR sensor thing, so it would crush small children and pets if given half a chance).

Software project news is non-existent today. As you can see above, I don't have the time to allocate to it presently.

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