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Yay, my account works.

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*phew* got my account back.

Back in February when they had reset the password, the email this account was linked to was dead so I had to pester Superpig to change the email on it so I could reset my password.

After, that I subscribed for GDNet+. My account wasn't activated for a few days, but it turns out there was some problems with Paypal, but thanks to Melissa and Superpig it's all cool :).

I recently bought a C# book, and I'm quite satisfied with it. It is titled C# Programmer's Handbook by Gregory S. Macbeth.

I like the layout of this book a lot, because it moves pretty quick and it's very easy to understand. I believe this book was targeted towards already relatively experienced programmers who wanted a solid book that would give them the run-down on C#, rather then spending time on computer science concepts. Though there are some typographical errors here and there, they don't cause any problems as far as 'getting' what they are trying to portray. If you are a C++ programmer and are looking into dabble with managed code, and you don't want a newbie book that teaches you stuff you most probably already know then I recommend picking up this book.

Another thing I like is that it covers a few extra topics such as Networking and ASP.Net as well. Yay :)

I found my copy for $20 at Books a Million.

I'm currently at school(Computer Science class) doing a Marine Biology case study, which I'm guessing is supposed to wrap everything that we've learned throughout the year. I'd like to not do this, because all thats really new is inheritance which I already know but I have to work through this packet, as it's assigned by the AP College Board. Oh, well.

I'll post some stuff related to personal projects when I get home, but at this time I'm going to go study for an Algebra II quiz next period. o_0
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