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This is mostly just a response to comments in my last entry.

I know graphics is an advanced subject, but I've been doing text for 1-2 years now... I've already made enough text RPGs to make me sick. >_< I guess I'll just have to wait until I'm old enough to go to Digipen (which no-one I know - besides my math tutor and I - seems to know of; it's in Redmond, Washington) and take a course there or something. *le sigh*

In other news, I reinstalled World of Warcraft on my new computer; glad to say it works with Vista, unlike Guild Wars (:'(). I'm planning on getting the expansion ASAP.

Did I ever tell anyone I beta tested WoW: Burning Crusade last winter?
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I just wanted to second Ravuya's and Stompy's suggestion of trying SDL, it's pretty easy to use for graphics, and you get all your events along with it, and it's cross platform. Lazyfoo has a nice set of tutorials about SDL, and it leads up to using OpenGL and SDL together.

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I've tried it, but never too in-depth. I guess I should try it again soon...

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