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T3h projects

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I've been working on two main projects lately, my engine(Digerati), and a game I'm working on with Cade - Code named: Project RiL(Rhapsody in Laser) a Multi-player FPS.

I'll talk about Project RiL first, you may find it more interesting.
Cade is the lead coder and a brilliant one at that. He's already written most of the MD5 class which parses, textures, animates, and renders the models. I would show you a screen-shot of this, but we are using Doom 3 models for debug purposes and I don't know the legality of showing that stuff. It's probably a non-issue but I don't wanna take any chances right now, since I just got my Journal back :). Maybe later.

Anyways, back on topic..He's also written a simple GUI system nothing too complicated yet but it has mouse over effects, shinny textured controls, drop shadows, etc.

I'm not sure what his current status is right now, as we both live on opposite sides of the world, so communication can be quite an issue even though we've setup an Active Collab page. We are in still need of an SVN, so if anyone knows a friend of a friend who could help us out, then that would be greatly appreciated :).

By now your probably wondering what my position is on the project, well I'm basically a backup coder. I also work on other aspects of the engine, such as the Particle System, which is what I've been working on. I feel kinda guilty though, because lately I've been caught up with school and such, but Easter break is coming up soon so maybe I can get some stuff done then.

More details on that later.

I've also been working on my engine(Digerati), which I'm about to re-design due to some things I've stupidly overlooked.

I really want to create my own 2D map format, I don't know why but I believe I would learn a great deal from it especially with file IO, and such. I'm still trying to think of ideas for the game. I was thinking of something like the Worms series, even though a lot of their maps are procedurally generated I figured it would make it more fun if the user can edit the map vertices, by vertices.

The first two things I want to implement in Digerati are the GUI and Input systems. Probably File-IO after that, this way I have a nice base to start working with.

I should probably make a class diagram similar to TrapperZoid's.

Well, I've got some school work to do now :(

EDIT: If you haven't noticed I've changed the journal theme and added a banner. Alot of people think the logo on the banner is a blade on top of an egg, and there are little sperms swimming around. Silly people. It's actually supposed to be a blade over a bagel, and just a bunch of arrows moving around. The bagel is a bit skinny though...
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Heil, Blasted nagel! Nice journal. =)
I'm uh... way past that "progress report"! If you'd get on MSN sometime... =P

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