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I LOVE CRACK!!! ... Down. Crackdown.

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There was a time when I was vaguely concerned that investing in the 360 would ultimately prove to be a mistake. I think I believed that somehow I wouldn't play it often enough or get much enjoyment out of it.

This fear has been stomped on and viciously maimed in a two-prong attack that involves so much concentrated bad-assery that it should be regulated by law.

I speak, of course, of a fresh copy of Crackdown, which is in the same room - nay, running on the same console - as Guitar Hero II.

There's so much awesome in here right now that even my toenail clippings are transformed into charismatic, unassailably-cool, ultra rock-god genetically engineered justice-cyborg sex symbols of the entire universe.

A few moments ago, I saw a speck of mere dust attain a shining, purplish hue; sweeping, curved lines of energy coursed into it from the very ether, and in a blinding flash, that tiny little mote of dust became more awesome than the forbidden love child of Eric Clapton and John McCarthy.

There's only one complaint I have with Crackdown, and that is with the name. It's too long. They should have just called it "Crack" and been done with it - it's close enough.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some roof-leaping, car-tossing, machine-gun-wielding justice to dispense.

And not with an iron fist, either. Not even a platinum-coated titanium fist. I dispense justice with a holographic nuclear powered quantum vending machine from the year 12006.

Feast on the awesome. Bitches.
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I played the demo. Me and my friends just went around killing civilians and sending trucks flying by tapping them slightly with the super car.

The actual storyline sucks (in my opinion). It is fun, however, to play it GTA style.

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