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Some code for your enjoyment!

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I worked all week-end (again) for work. This time, some artists wanted to be able to place arbitrary particle systems in arbitrary parts of the world, rather than just associated with "live" objects like vehicles and weapons. Imagine that!
Anyway, now they can. And they can make obstacles (static geometry) with particles coming out of skeleton nodes, if they want. Only five years later than that should have been implemented :-)

Anyway, I'm going to try a new method to get some work on my home project done: the hour between 9:30 and 10:30, before I go to bed, should be project work. Not watching the remaining Maburaho disc. Not surfing the web. Not posting to news groups. Not playing games. Working on the project.

For your enjoyment, I adapted a simple configuration system for use with my project. You can download it here. For Windows, call setText() of your command line onto it, and then start picking config elements out. For UNIX, call setConfig() with each element out of argv[] (except for the first). Have fun!

#include "Config.h"

Config gConfig;


if (gConfig.get("option").get<int>()) {
// option, or option=1, was on the command line
if (gConfig.get("value").get("") == "foo") {
// value=foo was on the command line

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