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I've been tinkering away with some shadows for the past couple of days. I wasn't going to post screenshots until I'd brought them into the terrain renderer, but I think posting often will help keep me motivated [smile]

Essentially a port of Oskari Nyman's PSSM demo from here, the results are quite pleasing and a lot nicer than the (poorly done) standard shadow maps I used in Faith [cool]

I am also really loving the artwork from creators.xna as it is a damn sight better looking than all those old models from the DX SDK [wink]

There was a bit of jiggery-pokery involved in getting the .fbx files to render nicely with my own effects (without first feeding the effect through the Content Pipeline) but I think I've got it running pretty nicely now.

Parallel-Split Shadow MapsParallel-Split Shadow MapsParallel-Split Shadow Maps

I still want to give CSMs a go and I'm also going to try making the changes to my current PSSM implementation so they are PSVSM (Parallel-Split Variance Shadow Maps) [grin]

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