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GUI nightmare

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Well I am working on GUI stuff with GUIChan and like it so far, but I hate using someone else's libs or code since I have to learn what they are doing so I can figure out what's wrong or if the problem is my fault. Soooo time consuming. I have been for the last two days working on this issue with having my texture as a background be fullscreen on a single quad. Shouldn't be problem done it a million times before in my code. Until now, turns out their image loader which I used to load up their background image does something to the image it will not fill the quad for nothing unless you scale it. So with my texture loader it works fine now. Annoying to say the least. Now I have to tackle the fullscreen to window mode and back and forth issue. When I click on the checkbox for this the widgets don't respond correctly, meaning click on start and you hit load...

Once this is all up and running, meaning GUI, I am going to get back to finishing up moving my game over to SDL and finishing up the particle engine.

And it's cold here again APRIL for Pete's sake. 17 degrees last night. Ugh....
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I know what you mean about the cold. It's like that all over the nation. I live in Iowa so it's been about just the same as South Dakota, I've had to work outside all week too, my toes don't remember what feeling is.

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Greetings from up north! ;) Yeah I heard Sioux City got 2" of Snow this week or last week. Nice.

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