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Mouse only player input / crashes

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Eiba enjoys these flowers whirling around her.

I corrected some orthographical mistakes and posted this new version today.
This week I read that Aquaria has mouse only player input. I observed before that poeple who don't play a lot of computer games have problems coordinating the keyboard input for the Prima Ballerina with the mouse input for the cat. So I started to work on a mouse only player input version of Blumenmacht.
Since yesterday the Prima Ballerina follows her cat. And the cat is moved with the mouse. No keyboard input anymore, except for typing in the Ballerinas names of course. And it plays great! Playing through the nine levels was easier and much more fun.
This new player input needs some more playtesting as it changed the character of the game (in a good direction). I need to redesign the levels as the focus of the game is now much more on the core of Blumenmacht's gameplay, namely making Ballerinas happy and changing the Prima Ballerina. Hopefully I can post the new version next week.
hungryhippo5000 reported that the game crashed a few times. Thanks a lot for this information hungryhippo5000! Do others share this experience? On my computer (p4 1800mhz, 1gb ram, gf6600gt, windows xp) the game runs fine. Can you see a pattern in the crashes (during, at the beginning or at the end of a level; if you play a certain level; if there are a lot of ballerinas in the level; when the game starts..)?

Please download the game in my showcase:
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The game crashed for me right after I entered a ballerina's name.

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