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It has been sometime since I posted but it has also been sometime since I programmed, not since September last year I believe. This was mostly due to my needing to re balance my priorities then hitting a comfortable stride. I have only just done so now/recentlyish. Most of my time has been diverted by coursework (studying for a masters in maths), organizing, promoting and launching a night for breakers and my girlfriend.

I wish to continue the project I started and have an idea with which to start it off with. As well, I have decided to approach it as a chore, something that must be done so you can do/get something else. Thus I shall siphon some time weekly into it and approach it from the top down. I shall post on whatever work I do.

First however, I need to brush up on programming concepts and shall be doing some simple exercises in O'Caml, implementing basic group theory stuff. Group theory has some application to games. some i can think of are tiling (I dont think they make tiled games anymore), solutions and reasoning about many types of puzzle games and one I plan to make use of is designing game concepts by reasoning about them abstractly. Ofcourse at first, none of the stuff I will be playing with in OCaml will have much applicability to anything. :)
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