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Just a busy little bee...

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For JetLag fans everywhere, I proudly present JetLag: Crystal Edition. Click on the link, then click on the app, and press space to start.

You are a red square. You leave a trail of yellow squares behind you. Your mission: avoid the white squares and the blue wall. Advancing one row earns you one point. Once you smack into the wall or a block, the game is over. You can go diagonally left and down or diagonally right and down

This is JetLag in its purest form, and (for a flash game) rather similar to the original 6809E edition.

After playing it a little bit, you may consider this version too easy. This is not about how easy the game is to play for five minutes, nor ten minutes. This is a hardcore endurance game. Can you last 45 minutes without making a mistake? How about an hour? The game scores at a rate of 12 points per second, approximately. 720 points per minute. 43,200 per hour. I challenge you to go for 100,000.
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Fine use of sound. Reminds me of something you'd play on a TRS-80 Model 1, only with color.

1.7k still seems a bit fatty. Disassembling your SWF, it looks like your font is still taking up a few bytes. Telling Flash to use a device font rather than embedding the font will probably shrink it a bit. The font isn't canonical TRS-80 anyway.

It's too bad you can't put the score in the title-bar in Flash, as that'd do the trick for eliminating the font. I think FSP can do that, but that pretty-much kills the fun of having a playable game in 1.7k.

Thinking about it, that'd be a perfect game for the new Flash Lite (cellphone Flash). Given that FL supports MIDI sound, you could even bring back the soundtrack.

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