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GUI control a day #1: Sliders/Scrollbars

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In order to convince myself to get the GUI system in Novarunner done and out of my way, I've decided to run a series of journal entries this week wherein I implement a new GUI control each day, since I can implement a GUI control in like 30 minutes and so have plenty of time for it even with my currently heavy assignment load. Also, it will help with my currently pitiful rate of new journal entries.

So far, I've implemented:
  1. Tabs
  2. Scrollbars (vertical & horizontal)
If I fail to implement a control one day, I'll just post an entry about the tab-strip as opposed to a new and shiny control.

Scrollbars will be used not only to scroll text fields (coming up eventually) but also to change numeric values in the game engine (such as joystick deadzones and difficulty sliders). They might also be used in the gameplay debug kit.

Next control: Drop-down boxes (edit done).
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I've been thinking about getting started on a UI myself. Are you using a toolkit or writing from scratch?

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I particularly like the 'pub' tab. As long as you avoid the sentence "we don't exactly own this place, but we have an understanding with the people that do..." in the dialogue, you're onto a winner.

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Thanks for that memory. Now I have to go wash out my brain with bleach. Fuck the voice acting and puppet syncing in that game was horrendous.

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hymerman's reference was to Freelancer, a similar game to my own but with the addition of horrendous voice acting, lip synching and character animation.

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The character animation wasn't that bad. I assume you mean the 'standing at bar' animation; I don't think there were any others.

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