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Meh. Holidays

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I dislike most people. I dislike how much effort I need to spend in not offending them, being cordial, like-able even. Worse yet, I dislike holidays which are not of my religion. It's work enough dealing with people's craziness without adding in faith. Meh. I'm glad it's over.

In better news, I snuck in a little moe work this morning. I added 'use the rest' as a sizing option for the TableLayout. It's actually fairly complicated since it involves re-tying half of the columns/rows to calculate everything except the 'leftover' one rather than just assuming they come out right.

That change allowed me to redo the border widget to use the layout rather than the hackish non-reusable layouts I was using before. It's now much shorter, much more reusable, and a bit more configurable. Yay.
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Pfft, Easter is the second easiest holiday to secularize. Color some eggs, eat a chocolate bunny, and suck down a few brewskis while watching the season openers.

That's a relaxing holiday weekend, my friend. And without any religious baggage.

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Indeed. The problem comes with being socially obligated to co-exist with folks who've an active dis-interest in secularization.

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Hey. It's not my intention to offend, but if you dislike most people, how is a relious holiday going to be any worse than everyday?

If people want to celibrate something they enjoy then why not just let them? Unless you're a hermit you'll be coexisting with people all your life. Definitely some of them won't like the same stuff you do.

Sorry, I know this post is old news.

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