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Moe updates.

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More moe work this evening. I finally got around to making a widget I've been looking to make for a few iterations to get to. Mainly because it's a pain in the ass. I wanted a decorator which would automatically resize a font to fit the rectangle and text it was given. (optionally within some range)

Maybe it's just how I have things organized but this is a major pain. Partly because there's so many things that can modify the result, partly because the font is hidden by the api-independent abstraction, partly because I wasn't a CS major so the binary partition to find the 'best fit' font size doesn't roll right off my fingers...

Anyways, it's all done. Should be useful for icons where a character is used rather than an image (since images stretch to fit the rect, and chars didn't), generic MessageBox sorta things resizing the font to fit, auto-sizing text buttons due to internationalization concerns, resizing things independent of the user's font choice (if I get around to that)... mostly though it'll allow me to not think about making the font the right size in UI construction. I can just specify the font face, a rectangle and fuggedeboutit.
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